System Integration

OpSys provides complete system integration consulting, design and deployment. OpSys can provide the right system for your company’s needs.

"We can migrate your legacy systems to current systems or engineer and build a system from the ground up that fits the needs of your organization."

OpSys connects islands of information and resources into a unified system which saves resources, reduces duplication of tasks and saves money. UNIX, Sun Microsystems, Windows, Windows NT, IBM, Macintosh, JAVA stations, databases and any perpetual device can be networked through our open system technologies.

"Technology, people and processes are the components that make up a successful information system strategy."

OpSys engineering methods not only involve technology, but the people and processes of your organization. Partners are able to better understand our open system architecture and therefore develop new and improved business processes. Commonly, our partners gain sufficient expertise to define their technology needs independently. Opsys engineering today assures a scalable and functional business system tomorrow.

LAN (Local Area Network)
WAN (Wide Area Network)

OpSys provides LANs and WANs for small, medium and large size companies. Even when an organization has multiple locations, users see a single, unified network.

Computer Telephony Integration

OpSys integrates computer technologies with phone systems to provide call center solutions and fax server solutions. OpSys can integrate telephone order taking with computer processing and fulfillment, allowing your organization to offer better, faster and more reliable service while reducing costs.

Network Design, Installation, Deployment, Management

Your network is a critical component of your organization. From design to installation, deployment and ongoing management of an OpSys network, meeting the needs of our Partners is highest priority.

Good design is the foundation of a network and involves technology, people and understanding your unique processes of business.

"OpSys works closely with your staff to learn your needs and define goals so the network will be a truly functional component of your business."

Security planning is a vital part of any network development. OpSys can protect your sensitive information with secure firewalls that keep it exclusively in the hands of those who are supposed to have it.

Physical Facility Preparation

OpSys provides consulting and preparation for facilities needed to house high performance networks and computer systems.

"Factors such as temperature, physical location and ease of physical access to the network all determine the maintenance and management costs of a network."

As the physical location of the network is often the only constant in the network’s evolution, proper facility selection and preparation can impact greatly on cost and reliability. OpSys’s expertise ensures that your network is housed where it can be reliable and cost-effective.

Project Management

Through quality project management, OpSys scales its services to meet the changing needs of your organization. Whether a project is large or small or requires a hard-to-find solution, quality and timely management are constant through all of OpSys’ services.

"OpSys can partner with your MIS or IT department to leverage their in-depth knowledge of your business, or provide the technical talent your organization needs on a short term or long term basis."

In any case, our Systems Development Life Cycle approach continuously refines objectives and goals as a project moves through planning, development and production stages.

"The SDLC approach allows the development of a system that truly meets the objectives of your organization."


System Support
(24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week)

OpSys is dedicated to supporting the mission-critical systems of your business. We offer access to our technical specialists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and provide same day, on-site service throughout South Florida.

Ongoing Decision Support, Consultation and Training

OpSys builds relationships that make sense! The foundation of Open Systems design is based on developing a working familiarity with your business and its goals. Because we understand how you work, OpSys provides post-project, ongoing decision support, consultation and training as if it’s coming from within your own organization.