Ultra HPC 450

Product Overview

High-Performance Power, Scalability, and Reliability for Your Workgroup

The UltraTM HPC 450 enables you to run the most compute-intensive applications with the kind of performance and reliability previously available only in very expensive large-scale systems.

For solving increasingly complex analysis and simulating increasingly large models, you need a compute engine with tremendous power and scalability. The HPC 450 server offers all that in a compact, easily affordable package.

Delivering true investment protection.

The HPC 450 delivers excellent performance for almost any mix of compute-, data-, or I/O-intensive applications: It features up to four 250/300-MHz UltraSPARCTM-II processors, a 1.6-GB/sec UPA interconnect, and a 600-MB/sec PCI I/O subsystem for for outstanding performance and data throughput. With up to 4 GB of main memory, 84 GB of fast hot-swap UltraSCSI internal storage, and over 6 TB of storage capacity, it's a server you can count on when times--and workloads--change.

What's more, it works seamlessly with all the workstations, PCs, and Macintosh systems you have in place. With the robust SolarisTM operating environment's easy-to-use installation and Web software, you can actually get more productivity from all your systems--and your administrators.

Plus, with standard ECC datapath and memory protection, automatic system recovery, and hot-swap power supplies and disk drives, the HPC 450 is inherently reliable. That's investment protection you can rely on.

Software to help you manage your workload.

To help you manage your network, we've bundled in a suite of workload and resource management tools and parallel programming libraries. Every system comes bundled with Sun HPC Software providing Load Sharing Facility (LSF) the de facto standard for network system workload management. Sun HPC Software also includes MPI and PVM libraries making it easy to run your message-based applications on the Ultra HPC 450.

Like all Sun servers, the HPCTM 450 comes with SolarisTM, the most popular and advanced networked computing environment that supports over 12,000 applications, including all of the important analysis, modeling and simulation solutions. It is backed by SunServiceSM, which is consistently rated among the leaders in customer satisfaction, and is there for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with mission-critical support and expert IT consulting.

The Ultra HPC 450. It's the powerful, flexible, reliable way to meet your workgroup HPC computing demands, today and tomorrow. With no compromises.

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