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The SCO UNIX(r) System is the foundation of the SCO Open Server (tm) product line. It adds increased compatibility, optimized performance, enhanced scalability, configurable security, and simplified installation and administration to the standard multiuser UNIX System, providing a highperformance business applications platform for both small and largescale standalone systems based on 386(tm)/486(tm)/Pentium(tm) CPUs.

Version 4.2 of the SCO UNIX System supports thousands of off-the-shelf applications, and is easy to install, configure, and use.

Version 4.2 of the SCO UNIX System supports thousands of off-the-shelf applications, and is easy to install, configure, and use. Its extensive communications capabilities and compliance with international and government standards allow for interoperability with other systems.

The SCO UNIX System's 32-bit, multithreaded, multitasking, multiuser kernel with virtual memory delivers unprecedented performance on today's advanced, standard computers, including the latest generation of multiprocessor computers, and supports more peripherals and devices than any other UNIX System.

The SCO UNIX System is an ideal platform for multiuser accounting systems, departmental databases, point-of-sale systems, manufacturing control systems, professional office systems, software development environments, LAN servers, and gateways to information centers.

Network System Release 3.0

SCO open systems software brings together the value of advanced operating systems and industry-standard hardware to make an ideal platform for implementing business-critical network computing applications. SCO Open Server(tm) is a complete line of advanced server operating systems for multiuser, networked, and enterprise solutions. The Network System is the SCO Open Server operating system for servers providing UNIX System applications to networks of terminals, personal computers, UNIX System workstations, and other business systems.

The SCO Open Server Network System can be configured as a multiuser server for network users and locally attached character-based terminals. It is highly interoperable with other systems and includes both TCP/IP and Novell(r) connectivity. In conjunction with a wide variety of thirdparty database and communications packages, the SCO Open Server Network System can also be a multiuser database server and communications gateway server for local and remote users needing access to legacy systems or external information systems. It is an ideal foundation for scalable, network server solutions based on the UNIX System.

SCO Merge

SCO Merge (tm) is a software solution that makes MS-DOS(tm) -based personal productivity software available to users on SCO UNIX Systems. By integrating MS-DOS into the UNIX System, it allows users to take advantage of the combined power of the multiuser, multitasking UNIX operating system and any of the thousands of MS-DOS applications.

Because SCO Merge utilizes the UNIX file management system for MSDOS files, users can use either MS-DOS or UNIX System programs and utilities to manage data and transparently share files. SCO Merge also allows many standard PC peripherals to be simultaneously shared by all MS-DOS and UNIX System users, or optionally gives MS-DOS direct, exclusive access to PC hardware devices and peripherals. This provides a fully functional MS-DOS computing environment with no need for additional hardware.

With SCO Merge, users can run both UNIX System and MS-DOS applications simultaneously and transparently on the same microcomputer -a cost-effective solution that lets them choose both the environment that's right for the application and the interface that they know best.

Microsoft Word for UNIX Systems Release 5.1

Microsoft(r) Word for UNIX Systems Release 5.1 from SCO is the most powerful multiuser word processor available today. It brings the best MSDOS word processing features to multiuser UNIX Systems. Ideal for offices of any size, Microsoft Word 5.1 allows you to effortlessly combine text, graphics, and data to create virtually any type of document-with excellent formatting and printer support. Microsoft Word for UNIX Systems is designed for today's demanding professionals who want the best word processing features.

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