OpSys is an Internet Technology Specialist

OpSys provides new avenues for business growth by using technology to implement modern business strategies. OpSys creates turnkey solutions for Internet, Intranet and Extranet* applications that include database design, electronic commerce and content development based on sound design and marketing strategies.

Internet - The Internet is a huge public forum which is ideally suited for marketing, real-time commerce, delivery of technical support information, contact information and the posting of other “public” resources.

Intranet - Intranet functions much like the Internet except the content is not available to the public. Information such as company memos, employee handbooks and company databases may be made available on an intranet to those who have password access.

Extranet - Extranets are similar to intranet except that the information is proprietary to a specific outside audience. For example, a company’s dealers might have access to technical or pricing information which is not available to the general public.

E-Mail Integration

E-mail is a powerful communication tool that connects your organization to itself and the rest of the world. OpSys provides a variety of e-mail services and can show you how to use them effectively to extend the reach of your business.

On-Line Transactions and Electronic Commerce

The Internet has become a popular vehicle for commerce as customers can shop from the comfort of their home or office.

"OpSys’s marketing approach brings those customers to your site while our secure commerce capability ensures that credit card transactions are safe, fast and reliable."

Credit card orders can be electronically approved and money deposited directly into your account. Whether you have a handful of product offerings or a complete catalog with “shopping carts,” OpSys has the tools and talent to develop your successful online business.

Internet Access

OpSys is one of South Florida’s first business Internet Service Providers and offers a wide range of services for business wanting access to the Internet. OpSys offers vastly superior speed and reliability by providing internet access to a small, select group of business partners.

"Unlike large access providers, OpSys’s service is not compromised by thousands of simultaneous users sharing dial-up lines."

Support is available around the clock so you can always get help when you need it. Opsys offers 56K modem, digital ISDN, Frame Relay and T1 access. Fast access and support make OpSys your business connectivity partner.


Intranet networks offer an effective way to share information within a company. OpSys Intranet solutions are based on careful study of how your organization uses information and how a network can be used most effectively to provide more efficient workflow. The end-result is a flexible, scalable, functional and affordable intranet that works equally well on any platform.

Users do not immediately flock to an Intranet “just because it’s there.” The technology may go unused unless compelling applications can be demonstrated. OpSys works with your management and staff to show them the value of network technology. By developing tools that are intuitively useful and introducing those tools gently to your staff, OpSys ensures that your intranet will be used to its full potential.

Business processes that can be facilitated by an Intranet:

1. Any business process that involves the production, requisition, distribution and update of dynamic information that has traditionally been published on paper. Examples include employee directories, medical benefits descriptions, product specifications, user manuals, price lists, marketing collateral, financial reporting systems, and policies and procedures or any database.

2. Any business process that involves the consolidation of information from multiple data sources. For example, a retail customer service representative must access and consolidate customer information, order history and product information (description, pricing, availability) and enter sales order information-all while speaking to a customer on the telephone.

3. Any business process that requires a high level of communication and collaboration between people, especially if they are separated geographically. Today, for example, many engineering projects involve the coordination of multiple development groups scattered in multiple locations. Many companies have field sales offices that need constant, up to-date access to company information as well as daily contact with the home office.

4. Any business process that depends on people finding or requisitioning information or products. Examples include reference manuals, internal requisition systems, channel distribution order systems and fax-back systems.

5. Any business process currently automated by a client-server or mainframe application. This is particularly significant for companies with older legacy systems that need to be brought up-to-date.


"OpSys takes a business-to-business focus for Extranet design."

OpSys Partners easily serve customers and vendors through their Extranet. The result is good customer service provided at lower cost - a significant competitive advantage. Extranet applications can include manufacturer-to-dealer trading relationships, extranet databases, VAR applications, legacy system connectivity and Inventory tracking