Database Development and Programming

OpSys provides custom database development using state of the art tools and methodology.

"Oracle makes the worlds most robust database and OpSys is an Oracle Solutions Provider."

Oracle databases are used by government, military and hospitals where fault-tolerant applications are mission critical. Where appropriate, OpSys also offers other database solutions. OpSys provides database design and development for any-size applications.

Web Enabled Databases and Single Point Databases

OpSys solutions allow you to have a single database resource for both your organization and its customers, providing economies of scale with security. OpSys can launch your database on the world wide web, creating dynamically driven database web sites that eliminate time consuming management of traditional static web pages.

"OpSys can integrate a database web site with a transaction processing system to provide robust Internet transaction and commerce solutions for your business."

Direct Mail II

OpSys offers its own order processing and fulfillment system for catalog companies that is capable of processing hundreds of orders a day. Direct Mail II is used by progressive companies to receive, track and fill orders and manage inventory.

Programming and Year 2000 (Y2K) Consulting

OpSys provides Y2K consulting and can provide your organization with the plan it needs to become Y2K compliant and able to grow easily into the new millennium.

OpSys provides programming in the language that suits your needs. From Java to legacy languages such as COBOL, OpSys provides a wide range of programming services.